Luohu makes all-out efforts for a smooth Gaokao
New archives center opens in Luohu
Luohu traffic police escort Gaokao students
Luohu opens 5G government service hall
Luohu makes all-out efforts for a smooth Gaokao

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Updates on COVID-19 cases in Shenzhen (July 12)
On July 11, Shenzhen confirmed no new COVID-19 case and reported no new asymptomatic case.

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Can you recommend a hospital for English speakers?

Shenzhen People's Hospital and Shenzhen Kangning Hospital can provide better medical and health services for foreigners in Luohu. Both medical institutions have been e...

Do I have to wear a mask when visit Luohu?

People are not required to wear masks now when in safe social distance.So, it is safe to tour outdoor parks and streets that are not crowded without a mask. However, when ...